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A little about what i do.

Analysis of User Experiences Analysis of User Experiences

Creating User stores. Evaluation of touch points and devices (internet of things). Lofi and hifi wireframing of interfaces. Working with prototyping tools and testing

Visual Communication in Interfaces Visual Communication in Interfaces

Lead design of interfaces. Functional design. Information design. Interaction design. online and offline is one!

Typography & Psychology Typography & Psychology

I studied communication design, psychology and art history. So yes: Typography is my love. Psychology is my interest.

The future of the designer is not to design the interface between human and machine.
It is designing the machine human!

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It’s easy

“Design has to be simple and easy to understand. As simple it is, as multifaced it has to be in conception”

- It’s easy
It’s beautiful

“Design is good looking and it’s fashion. Designed things are your attitude, wether it’s your alternative clothes or your new smartphone”

- It’s beautiful
It’s edgy

“No innovation without breaking a rule. If you want to create the next big thing,
you cannot follow the old ways.”

- It’s edgy